10 Best Toys & Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls in 2018

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Buying a new toy for your special 5-year-old girl can be mystifying. They’re growing up fast and their interests keep changing. With the thousands of toy and gift options out there, it can be tough to find the best ones that are both developmentally stimulating, and fun for your special little one.

Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting and curated the 10 best toys for 5 year old girls that are both educational and fun. Jump down to the full list below, or read on to learn about the critical developmental milestones 5 year olds are expected to achieve that factored into this list.

5-Year-Old Developmental Milestones

By the age of 5, the typical girl is keeping you on your toes! Her verbal, cognitive, social, and fine motor skills are advancing at what feels like a supersonic rate. From birth, girls are always a bit farther ahead when it comes to making social connections, understanding language, and using both sides of the brain to accomplish a given task.

That’s why a 5-year-old girl will generally prefer drawing, painting, and stories over physical play such as running, jumping, and team sports. It’s important to remember that all girls are different though, so follow their lead when it comes to buying toys that encourage their development in different areas.

This year, you’ll notice that she loves to draw, cut, paint, and tell stories or jokes. She’ll develop a preference for using one hand over the other and can follow simple directions that have many steps. She’ll even thrill you with her ability to tell you her name, address, and phone number, count from 1 to 20, and recite her ABCs!

And while you’ll enjoy knowing that she’s making new friends, gender-same friends in particular, you’ll have to utilize that patience you’ve learned to build up over the previous 5 years because she’ll also start to throw tantrums if she thinks you’re not listening to her, taking her seriously, or paying attention to all her singing, dancing, or silly actions. On the upside, she’ll now start to see why it’s so important to share and get along with other children.

And while boys take the lead when it comes to gross motor skills at this age, girls have still learned to – and enjoy – walking on their tiptoes, jumping rope, skipping, swinging alone, standing and hopping on each foot, swimming, and dancing.

That’s the long and the short of the developmental milestones that a 5-year-old girl should hit this year. Again though, keep in mind that all children are different and this is just a general range of milestones to help you decide what toys might be the best for her continued growth and that she may love the most. With this knowledge in hand, take a look at our list of the top 10 fun and educational toys for 5-year-old girls.

10 Best Toys for 5-Year-Old Girls Reviewed

1. VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

Encourage the development of her visual-spatial reasoning with this set of colorful, flower-shaped interlocking discs that she can put together in a million ways to create a billion things! While girls’ spatial awareness generally falls behind boys’, this 5-star rated kit will spark her imagination and creativity, and if she needs a little help getting started, there’s an idea booklet included to give her a little kick start.

You can rest easy knowing that the pieces are BPA, lead, heavy metal, and phthalate free and come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee, and she’ll be engaged for hours building forests, buildings, or abstract shapes.

And for just $15, the chances are pretty good that you’ll find yourself losing a few hours creating with these!

Buy for $14.99 on Amazon

2. Just Jump It EZ Steppers

Break up all that drawing, building, and quiet pretend play with a fun physical activity! Good for use indoors or out, these steppers encourage the development of their gross motor skills by making them use their arms and legs in synchronicity. Watch her enjoy being silly as she has to master walking while pulling on the attached cords with each step!

This traditional toy is back with a bang, replacing the dangerous coffee cans and oatmeal tins of yesteryear with child-safe plastic and slip-resistant foot grips. This is a great way for her to let off some steam, get some exercise, and work on her agility, balance, and coordination!

You’ll enjoy the $13 price tag and the show, and she’ll enjoy the clomp-clomp sound as she stomps around the house.

Buy for $12.49 on Amazon

3. Pretend and Play School Set

5-year-old girls love to mimic what they see, and they love to pretend. This highly rated toy allows her to use these skills to help her learn her ABCs and 123s, simple words, counting, and basic math facts – even geography (so important in today’s increasing global society)! She can use the pointer to tap the board, award stickers for a job well done, and ring the bell to signal the end of her class.

This $30 all-inclusive toy will even help her develop her social and emotional skills as she takes turns being the teacher and the student with others.

Buy for $25.69 on Amazon

4. Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow-in-the Dark Stars

This 5-star rated toy will give that little girl hours of pretend fun, plus a place to hide away when she feels the need, at the same time as it develops her creativity and imagination. The glow-in the dark stars will fascinate her and the two side windows and roll-up door will give her a place to call her own or share with friends.

For $15, you’ll give a 5-year-old girl endless adventures, indoors or out, alone or with friends…or maybe even with you!

Buy for $22.99 on Amazon

5. Perler Beads 6,000 Count Multi-Mix Bucket

Give your 5 year old hours of fun and instill a love of crafting with this $11 bucket of multi-colored beads. These colorful, hollowed out beads come with peg boards so they can create a variety of creatures, designs, and patterns.

These little beads will help her develop her hand-eye coordination and her fine motor skills, and teach her color names and basic counting, without her ever knowing it! And at this age, they love color sorting, so pull out some muffin tins and let her organize the colors and see how many there are and how many she can name. She’ll even improve her cognitive skills when learns how to follow the patterns or create her own!

We would have put this at the top of our list, but the age range and size is on the cusp and may not work for some parents and/or their 5-year-old girls. If you prefer, you can always try the Perler Big Beads instead, which are twice as big and meant for 3-5 year olds.

While this particular kit comes with 5 peg boards for creating, though as with most of the kits, you’ll have to purchase tongs and ironing paper separately.

Buy for $10.96 on Amazon

6. Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Board Game

Capitalise on her fascination with mermaids at the same time as you help her develop her social, emotional, and strategy skills with this $16 board game that requires no reading skills.

In this Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award game, players have to help the mermaids swim back to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch does, and if they do, everyone wins, encouraging co-operative game play. Co-operative play fosters non-stressful play situations, emotional development, shared decision making, creative problem solving, a sense of community, and positive self-esteem.

Play moves fast in this game, so they never get bored, and you can enjoy playing with them, even though they can play this game on their own with no assistance.

Buy for $15.99 on Amazon

7. Melissa & Doug Abacus

This is the ultimate example of how the most traditional of toys never lose their appeal and usefulness! Made of sturdy hardwood and attractive colors, this $12 toy will introduce your 5-year-old to oodles of math concepts without her ever knowing it. She’ll think she’s just having fun sliding and sorting beads just the right size for her hands, and before you know it, she’ll able to count to 30 instead of 20 – and more!

Beyond simply counting, an abacus can teach addition, subtraction, and more. This 5-star toy is a great investment as you watch her come back to it time and time again over the years as she grows.

Buy for $12.74 on Amazon

8. Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool and Easel

A versatile toy with a magnetic dry-erase board, easel, molded-in trays for markers and pencils, a cup holder, and a comfortable stool perfect for hours of creating, this one is a win-win! She’ll be overjoyed with the options – painting, doodling, drawing, messing around with magnets – and you’ll be tickled with all the organization options (rear storage area for books, two large bins, and two small bins).

Invest in this double-duty desk for just $60 and you’ll be giving her the opportunity to improve her physical, cognitive, and language skills while allowing her to express her creativity and develop her imagination.

Buy for $61.86 on Amazon

9. AILUKI Magnetic Blocks

Let her imagination run wild while she works on her fine motor skills, creativity, pattern recognition, and spatial awareness! There is an enormous amount of magnetic blocks out there, but this 5-star rated set is our favorite, and it even includes pretty rainbow colors that many others don’t and little girls are sure to love.

These strong, durable square- and triangle-shaped magnets allow her create 2D or 3D shapes and objects. The options are endless, and more likely than not, you might lose a few hours yourself!

While these are great for everyone over the age of 3, a 5 year old will enjoy this toy more than most with her combination of fine motor skills, focus, and imagination just beginning to come together now. At $32, this set is also about the half the cost of similar sets in store.

Buy for $32.99 on Amazon

10. Spooner Board – Freestyle

Get them moving again after all that learning and creating and imagining! Great to use inside or out, this $40 beginner board will let them practice every skill needed to learn how to snowboard, skateboard, and surf.

The curvy but stable shape allows for safe mastery of everything from the basics to tricks while developing their core strength and stability, leg strength, balance, coordination, and gross-motor skills. Simply rocking it is enough to fascinate them! The no-slip Spooner Board is also indestructible and comes in a variety of colors.

Buy for $39.99 on Amazon

Toys for Other Age Ranges

For more toy and gift ideas for girls, check out our other great articles:

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this list. While we don’t suggest that these are the only toys your child will ever need, we do think this list of great educational toys for girls is a strong start. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us: editor@smartparenting.co.

Criteria for Placement

While listing the best educational resources is never an exact science, we’ve done our best find products that rank highly on the following criteria:

  • Developmental impact: Many toys out there like plush dolls are somewhat limited in their developmental impact. We’ve critically evaluated the toys on this list for their impact on physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.
  • Safety: All toys on this list are safe to use, free of toxic compounds like lead and BPA
  • Durability: Children love to throw, jump on, and touch everything in sight. The toys on this list are fit to withstand the bumps and hard landings.
  • Price: Parenting doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive. We looked for the cheapest products that still meet our developmental and quality requirements.


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