10 Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls in 2018

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Your 7 year old is showing more of her personality every day. It’s an exciting time as she begins to better articulate her preferences, but it can be tough when it comes to gift giving. Simpler toys that she loved last year may no longer be engaging as she is now better equipped to focus on a task for a longer period of time. To help with this transition, we’ve rounded up the top 10 toys and gifts designed to aid in her development, spark her curiosity, and of course, let her have fun! If you’re in a rush (and what parent isn’t every now and then), jump to the best toy list below. Otherwise, take a moment and review the typical milestones most 7 year olds will reach this year that factored into our rankings.

7 Year Old Developmental Milestones

7 year old girls have lots of developmental milestones on the horizon. They’ll soon be seeing the world a bit differently as they hone their complex thinking skills. You’ll see evidence of these new skills in a couple of ways: she may look for the “why” instead of just the “how” when trying to understand a new topic and you may find yourself realizing during a conversation just how poised and communicative your daughter has become.

Physically, you may notice your 7 year old is becoming more athletic as her muscles get stronger and her stamina increases. Fine motor skills also see marked improvement around this time, so tasks like handwriting and using scissors may become more effortless.

Emotionally and socially, your daughter will still rely on you for validation and will need plenty of encouragement and one-one-one attention to help develop a strong sense of self. Socially, she’ll be spreading her wings; she may enjoy being on a team or in a club at school and will likely enjoy relationships with a few close friends.

Your daughter will also be picking up lots of academic skills, ranging from mastering addition and subtraction within 20, to spelling the 200 most common words.

With these developmental milestones in mind, let’s take a look at the top ten educational toys for 7 year old girls. Each toy was chosen to help guide their growing intelligence, curiosity, and independence.

10 Best Toys & Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

1. LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

A gift she’ll never want to let go of, the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparking Ice Castle is a fantastic way for your 7 year old to improve upon her problem solving, teamwork, and spatial reasoning skills. Of course, all of these great developmental features will more than likely go unnoticed by your daughter as she gets totally immersed in the magical world of Frozen. The castle comes with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, so your child can recreate their favorite movie scenes or create entirely new stories with their favorite characters.

Buy for $68.90 on Amazon

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2. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

The Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad is a favorite among kids and adult hobbyists alike. Tracing is a fantastic way to learn the finer points of drawing all while improving fine motor skills. Your daughter will be able to take any drawing and study its details as she hones her drawing technique. Because the light box is battery operated and sized for 8.5’’x11’’ drawings, we love this tracing pad for long road trips as an alternative to screen time.

Note: Save yourself some money and use any standard printer paper instead of specialty “tracing paper”.

Buy for $24.99 on Amazon

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3. VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

The best word to describe VIAHART’s Brain Flakes is just, cool. Just looking at the awesome sculptures that can be made with these small interlocking discs is enough to spark creativity. And, the open-ended nature of this sort of play is great for imaginative play and spatial reasoning. But, if 500 discs in 12 vibrant colors seems a bit overwhelming, your 7 year old can get the hang of it by using the enclosed instructions to build a number of designs, including swords and octopuses. At $14.99, Brain Flakes are an amazing bang for your buck and are great for play with friends and family.

Buy for $14.99 on Amazon

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4. Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Kit

If you have a little fashionista in your life, this headband kit is a smart way to feed her passion. The kit comes with 10 headbands, assorted ribbons, silk flowers, rhinestones, and a ton of other materials to help her decorate and style her headbands. This is great craft for the girl who wants a different headband for each day of the week (and then some!) or for a slumber party activity. We like this kit for its impact on fine motor skills and creativity and we love that it can help a 7 year old show her individuality!

Buy for $18.50 on Amazon

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5. A Kick Scooter by Razor

The Kick Scooter is hands down, one of our favorite toys for this age group. It has the two things 7 year olds want most of all: fun and freedom. Your child can zip over to a friend’s house, speed up and down the driveway, or visit the library or playground faster than ever before. There are a ton of color choices, including red, blue black, pink, and green and some versions even come with handlebar streamers. Just make sure you pick up a matching helmet too!

Buy for $43.29 on Amazon

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6. Mini Explorer Light Up Terrarium Kit

Help your 7 year old notice the beauty of nature, all from the comfort of their own room, with the Mini Explorer Light Up Terrarium Kit. This kit is full of everything they’ll need to get growing; soil, sand, river rocks, wheatgrass and chia seeds, a light-up jar lid, a spray bottle for watering, and even a small stick to use for planting seeds. Your junior gardener will see seeds sprouting in just a few days and enjoy weeks of caring for and watching these little plants grow. This terrarium provides a fun way to foster a sense of responsibility and to bring out the nurturing side of your child.

Buy for $43.29 on Amazon

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7. Educational Insights Playfoam Pals Wild Animals

If you haven’t encountered Playfoam yet, think of it as playdoh for big kids! The squishy non-toxic substance sticks well to itself and allows for big creations and tons of sensory play, but doesn’t make a mess on your surfaces. The egg-shaped cartons of foam are cute, but it’s what’s buried inside the egg that may excite your 7 year old most. A collectible Playfoam Pal with a swappable head and body can be found in each Playfoam egg, giving your child a fun surprise each time they open a new egg. Best of all, unlike playdoh, Playfoam never dries out!

Buy for $21.00 on Amazon

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8. My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

This science experiment kit provides all the lab equipment your young scientist will need for 11 experiments, including volcanic eruptions and growing jiggly crystals. The concepts explored in the My First Mind Blowing Science Kit are simple, but are a great introduction to understanding core principles and using lab equipment. Because there are so many activities, this an experience you can share with your child for weeks or months to come (parental supervision is recommended).

Buy for $17.17 on Amazon

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9. Sew First Beginner Sewing Kit

Sewing may seem like an outdated pastime, but it can be such a rewarding hobby and helpful life skill. That’s why we’re recommending Sew First’s Beginner Sewing Kit for the 7 year old girl in your life. This kit has all of the introductory supplies she’ll need to create adorable stuffed animals as she learns basic stitches. Hobbies are proven to be great for promoting mindfulness and developing self-esteem and we think this is a great one to get her started early.

Buy for $29.99 on Amazon

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10. Osmo Genius Kit

The Osmo Genius Kit is an award winning game system designed to create an immersive educational experience for your child by using something they likely already love playing with – your iPad. The Genius Kit comes with an iPad stand and 5 games that open up the typical digital experience and turn it into dynamic play that can be enjoyed by multiple players. Each game has its own focus, including: math, vocabulary, drawing, problem solving, and spatial awareness. Screen time is a hotly debated subject among parents, but we think Osmo makes the most of it by offering such an interactive experience.

Buy for $99.99 on Amazon

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Toys for Other Age Ranges

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this list. While we don’t suggest that these are the only toys your child will ever need, we do think this list of great educational toys for girls is a strong start. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us: editor@smartparenting.co.

Criteria for Placement

While listing the best educational resources is never an exact science, we’ve done our best find products that rank highly on the following criteria:

  • Developmental impact: Many toys out there like plush dolls are somewhat limited in their developmental impact. We’ve critically evaluated the toys on this list for their impact on physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.
  • Safety: All toys on this list are safe to use, free of toxic compounds like lead and BPA
  • Durability: Children love to throw, jump on, and touch everything in sight. The toys on this list are fit to withstand the bumps and hard landings.
  • Price: Parenting doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive. We looked for the cheapest products that still meet our developmental and quality requirements.


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