10 Best Toys & Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls in 2018

Do you want to treat the 10 year old girl in your life to a gift she’ll love? With so many options out there, it can be a real challenge to sift through them all to find a toy or gift that is both entertaining and educational. To help you on your quest, we’ve rounded up the top 10 toys that are designed to engage and delight your 10 year old while helping your child meet their developmental milestones, which are outlined below. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip the milestones overview and get right to our list of the best toys for 10 year old girls here!

10 Year Old Developmental Milestones

This exciting year is all about cognitive gains, physical change, and increasing independence.

Socially and emotionally, your 10 year old daughter’s friendships will become more and more meaningful. Most children will thrive if given the opportunity to develop these relationships on their own. Even though she’ll be branching out, she still needs your support and encouragement. During this time, it’s a good idea to help your daughter learn how to deal with negative emotions, like frustration and anxiety, so she’ll be better equipped for whatever life throws at her, especially in her new and ever-changing social settings.

Cognitively, you daughter will be reaching new heights. Classroom learning picks up this year as these young students prepare for middle school. This means fractions, geometry, and even early algebra will likely be on this year’s syllabus. Make sure you communicate with her often about her studies even though your child will likely require less homework supervision as she becomes more self-reliant and responsible.

Physically, many 10 year old girls will start to see signs of early puberty or go through growth spurts (growing 2.5” this year is typical). Along with these changes, you’ll notice increased stamina and better coordination, which will lead to improvements in sport performance and fine motor activities. However, all of this growing does take a toll as an increased appetite and need for more sleep is common.

With all of these developmental milestones in mind, we’ve curated the following list of recommended toys and gifts.

10 Best Toys & Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

1. Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

If you’ve already read Harry Potter, then it should be quite obvious that this Harry Potter 7-book set is an ideal gift for any 10 year old girl. She is finally developing the vocabulary and reading abilities to fully enjoy this enthralling and uplifting tale.

If you’ve never read Harry Potter, on the other hand, then you may be surprised to know that Harry Potter is one of the most widely read books of ALL TIME with over 400 million copies sold.  And this Harry Potter 7-book set is an absolute treasure for any 10 year old girl to receive. Don’t be surprised if it inspires her to fall in love with reading. Once children get going on Harry Potter, they have a hard time stopping until the last page is turned.

Developmentally, this set will help your 10 year old girl improve her vocabulary and reading speed, while also absorbing a message of love, friendship, and bravery. Warning – she may turn into a Harry Potter fangirl, but that’s not really so bad. She’ll be able to connect with the vast chunk of our society that also loves Harry Potter.

Buy for $52.16 on Amazon

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2. Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and 22-page Activity Journal

This dual microscope is built sturdily and magnifies from 30x to 400x, making it possible to inspect anything from peacock feathers to skin cells. Included with the microscope is a very well-thought-out activity journal. Far from a simple notebook, it is packed with 22 pages of science experiments and activities to complete. Beyond the activities in the journal, your daughter can take her microscope outside and examine anything that interests her, whether it’s a caterpillar on the sidewalk or newly fallen leaves. This set is an ideal starting point for any curious child on their way to becoming a young scientist.

Note: Make sure to have three AAA batteries on hand when she opens her gift, as they are not included.

Buy for $42.40 on Amazon

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3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

The act of photography helps the photographer slow down and notice the small details that make up the world around them. Through this careful study, either while taking pictures or reviewing them after the fact, one can begin to better understand their subject. While photography as an art form can take years to master, we like the Fujifilm Instax Mini as a beginner’s camera. It has automatic settings, is compact enough for small hands, and has an instant print option. Learning a new skill like photography is a great way to help boost your 10 year old’s self-esteem as they develop a lifelong hobby.

Buy for $109.95 on Amazon

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4. Klutz Make Your Own Soap Science Kit

Getting clean just got a little bit cooler with this DIY soap kit. It’s got everything your 10 year old will need to make 10 different soaps, including the soap base, fragrances, color tablets, gift packaging, and decorations. We like kits like these because it provides a great experience for your child as well as a tangible item at the end. As she’s having a blast making these soaps, she’ll also be working on her measuring, patience, and problem solving skills. You can even introduce her to entrepreneurship by having her price and sell her soaps in your neighborhood.

Buy for $19.79 on Amazon

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This multiple award-winning game gets a spot on our top 10 list because of its high-quality design and compelling gameplay. The object of the game is to make geometrical shapes from the pieces you’re given by building off of your opponent’s turn. As your child plays, she’ll be making strides in her math skills, sportsmanship, and creative thinking. And, the game is designed for 2-4 players so it’s great for family game night or with friends.

Buy for $29.50 on Amazon

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6. Big Bag of Science (+70 Activities)

Encourage your 10 year old’s creative side with the Big Bag of Science. More than 70 activities focused on exploring physical, earth, and life sciences will keep your child engaged for weeks, if not months, with experiments like growing crystals, making quicksand, and making a rainbow in a tube. We especially like that even after your child completes the included experiments, they’ll have all the equipment they need to come up with their own.

Buy for $27.90 on Amazon

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7. Sara, Book 1: Sara Learns the Secret about the Law of Attraction

Some gifts a child does not know to ask for. But if they are open and allow a gift like this book to come into their lives, it will fundamentally change their nature forever. The messages in this book are powerful and positive. They teach children about positive and negative emotions, what they mean, and how to use emotion as a guidance system. It teaches children that they are complete and always loved and appreciated, even when the conditions of the world are less favorable. In short, this book teaches children how to pursue their desires while still being happy even when those desires are not yet manifest. Parents who don’t know about the law of attraction will benefit just as much from this book as their children. Without getting into the details, this book is highly effective at generating appreciation, happiness, and good feelings. If you want to give your 10 year old girl a deep understanding of the universe and her place in it, as well as give her the techniques to achieve lifelong happiness, then give her this book.

Buy for $12.74 on Amazon

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8. Fat Brain Toys Fold Origami Brainteaser

In a beautiful blend of origami and puzzle, the Origami Brainteaser from Fat Brain Toys is sure to delight your 10 year old. These 10 folding puzzles are durably laminated for repeat use and excellent at developing mathematical and logic skills, not to mention patience! Each puzzle is unique and challenging as the series was developed by the famed puzzle creator, Ivan Moscovich. As a bonus, these puzzles are an excellent travel toy for those long summer road trips or visits to the grandparents.

Buy for $14.95 on Amazon

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9. Ozobot Bit Coding Robot

To learn how to code is to become digitally literate. And, teaching children how to code at a young age is a great way to introduce them to a huge (and growing) career field. The Ozobot Bit Coding Robot is designed to teach coding in two ways, on-screen and off. The small robot (about the size of a squash ball) reads the lines your 10 year old draws with specific coding markers and changes its movements based on the code lines. It can follow directions such as, turn left, turn right, spin, go backwards, and, many more. Once your daughter has mastered the basics, there’s a ton more to learn on the Ozobot app.

Buy for $44.88 on Amazon

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10. Easy Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition

The Easy Bake Oven is a classic toy for good reason. Since 1963, it’s been giving kids a chance to embrace their independence, practice life skills, and eat delicious mini-brownies – all in a safe setting. Learning to measure and follow directions are helpful skills they’ll get to practice as they make devil’s food cake, strawberry cake, and red velvet cake mix (all of which are included in this kit). After baking these cakes, your daughter can use the included frosting mixes and nonpareils to decorate these sweets before enjoying them with family or friends.

Buy for $129.99 on Amazon

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Honorable Mention

11. Your Décor – Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit, Multi Colored

In these pre-teen years, self-expression is everything. From what she’s wearing to the music she’s listening to, she’s figuring out who she is and learning how to share that with the world around her. This Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit is yet another fun way that she can express herself. The water bottle holds 16.9fl oz and comes in two designs, each with 5 markers and 20 peel-and-stick gemstones. This gift, priced at just under $8, is great for a solo activity or as an awesome party favor or sleepover activity.

Buy for $7.97 on Amazon

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12. Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

If you have an aspiring archer in your midst, the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow is the perfect gift. It’s got all the bow action, including an electronic sight and an 85 ft range, with none of the dangers or risks of an actual bow and arrow. If your daughter tires of target practice, she can always utilize the spy function of this set. The arrows contain secret messages that can only be read with a special decoder (included), so it’s a fun way to get your child outdoors and playing with friends.

Buy for $79.22 on Amazon

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Toys for Other Age Ranges

For more toy and gift ideas for girls, check out our other great articles:

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this list. While we don’t suggest that these are the only toys your child will ever need, we do think this list of great educational toys for girls is a strong start. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us: editor@smartparenting.co.

Criteria for Placement

While listing the best educational resources is never an exact science, we’ve done our best find products that rank highly on the following criteria:

  • Developmental impact: Many toys out there like plush dolls are somewhat limited in their developmental impact. We’ve critically evaluated the toys on this list for their impact on physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.
  • Safety: All toys on this list are safe to use, free of toxic compounds like lead and BPA
  • Durability: Children love to throw, jump on, and touch everything in sight. The toys on this list are fit to withstand the bumps and hard landings.
  • Price: Parenting doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive. We looked for the cheapest products that still meet our developmental and quality requirements.


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